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4/2/09 03:10 pm - hey, i passed my comprehensive exam

the written test took 6 hours. i typed 34 double spaced pages.

the oral exam took 2 hours. i got grilled by my dissertation committee like crazy.

but i was just told i passed, so now i can get a master's in philosophy. to get the phd, i need to write a dissertation.

i love school!

6/14/08 01:02 pm - flooding

so there's been a lot of flooding in iowa city and the surrounding areas. my apartment is on high ground, about a mile from the river, so there's pretty much no chance that any of my stuff will be damaged. my office at school, however, is right next to the river. i had to take all of my stuff out of there before the building got shut down for the rest of the summer. things are going pretty okay for me.

5/29/08 11:49 am - LOVE LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN reunion shows

1 or possibly 2 of 'em... in St. Louis in late July.


6/15/06 06:18 pm - basement show CANCELLED

due to band unavailability.

maybe i'll try this again later.

6/9/06 03:28 pm - BASEMENT SHOW!!!

Hook, Line & Sinker
+1 TBA

at my house!

651 S Edgewood Ave.
Elmhurst, IL 60126

Saturday, June 17
7 PM

Bring friends?

5/15/06 10:07 pm - Listen to 1997...

...a new band composed of my friends Alan, Caleb, Kerri, Kevin, and Nick. They play insanely catchy indie pop a la Mineral meets Mates of State, and I couldn't be more proud of them. They tottally go beyond "I only like them because I'm friends with them" status. Trust me.


Spread the word?

5/8/06 10:26 pm - buy a Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bible!

XXXChurch.com (http://www.xxxchurch.com/), the world's #1 Christian Porn site, is printing 10,000 copies of these Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bibles and will be passing them out to porn stars, directors, and attendees at porn conventions across the country in the coming months. The Bible costs $20, and your purchase will pay for 12 Bibles to be handed out!

order your copy here:


post this in your journal, Public access!

4/25/06 02:15 pm - Prayers have been answered!

I just got offered (and accepted) a Teaching Assistant position from the University of Iowa. This means that I will work as a TA for 6 semesters (teaching my own classes thereafter) at $15,490 per academic year. Also, my tuition is $6,500 per academic year, though I will be receiving continual tuition scholarships for between $2,000 and $3,000 a year. Given the cost of living expenses is estimated by the University at about $11,200 for someone like me, this means that EVERYTHING will be paid for by the school for 5 years- housing, tuition, utility bills, food, books! All I will do is get a part time job over the summer to make some spending money. This is great!

It also looks like leases don't begin 'til August out there, so I get to stay around for the summer!


4/18/06 02:15 pm - !!!

In Fall 2006 I begin classes in the PhD program in Philosophy at the University of Iowa.

7/11/05 09:45 pm - Sigur Ros

at The Chicago Theater
Wedndesay, September 21
7:30 PM

Tickets go on sale THIS saturday, the 16th, at noon.
They will most likely sell out quickly.
Get them at Ticketmaster.com
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